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Video Film Review: WOMAN TO WOMAN

Woman to Woman film still

Woman to Woman is a little slice of sociology.

Our video film review finds today’s host, Marie Juliette Steinsvold, a French filmmaker and writer; and our panelist, Valerie Peterson, an author and writer; chatting it up at the iconic soul food restaurant, The Pink Teacup in Chelsea about the insightful online documentary, Woman to Woman.

Listen to this review online here.

Veronique Doumbe and Malika Franklin, are the mother and daughter team who come together to direct the online documentary, Woman to Woman. With their unique concept, they take the topic of raising teenage daughters in New York City to enlightening heights. Completely multicultural, we are introduced to a beautiful cast of eclectic New Yorkers who also happen to be mothers and daughters. They are outspoken and individualistic in their opinions and approaches to living and growing up in a city with much to offer and much to consider each and every day.

The evolution of conversation between the women and women-to-be provides a nice arc. Since there is little narrative, the razor sharp editing creates a strong and often funny dialogue. Shot in the spring and summer, New York City is visually stunning as a backdrop and becomes a character all of its own. This is an admirable film that is handmade to become a vehicle for great discussions and dialogue as well as a support resource on the subject matter. It also fosters the understanding that in spite all of our differences, our concerns for those we love and care for are one in the same.

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Film Review: INTOUCHABLES transcends lives and life

Our host, Stefanie Alleyne meets up with today’s panelists: filmmaker and web content creator, Olu Gittens; editor and author, Valerie Petersen; and on-air personality and host, Yael Read; to discuss the very funny and sincere French film, “Intouchables,” at the cool downtown-vibed Tribeca cafe, Love Peace.

Based on a true story, the film, “Intouchables,” is written and directed by the super, successful French cinematic duo, Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano. The story follows an affluent Parisian quadriplegic,¬†played by Francois Cluzet as Phillippe, who after becoming paralyzed during a hang gliding accident, is in need of replacing his 24 hour live-in caretaker. Much to the dismay of friends, family, and associates, Continue reading