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Video Film Review: GIRL MOST LIKELY wants to succeed

Girl Most Likely would like to be on par to its cast.

Debra Kirschner, the episode’s host and the panelist, Patricia Koo, met up at the new location of the Wix Lounge, the free co-working and event space in New York City, to discuss the richly cast independent film, Girl Most Likely.

In this video review , filmmaker Debra Kirschner and photographer, Patricia Koo reveal their perspectives (sometimes agreeing and oft times not) on this film that you really want to see succeed.

Mimi Spilllane, our  correspondent for our “Video on Demand Pick of the Week” segment is also included in this episode and gives us insight as to why she feels the indie film, “Ginger and Rosa” is the one worth your viewing time of all of new releases currently available on demand. This is the first time our two highlighted films feature the same actress. And who might that be? None other than Annette Bening. Two heapings of her can never be wrong.

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Video Film Review: BEFORE MIDNIGHT is fair in love and war and humor

BEFORE MIDNIGHT explores the real issues of love and life with wit and humor.

Today’s panelist, Justine Harrison, connects with our host, Danielle Winston, to discuss one of this summer’s best films thus far, Before Midnight. They get comfy and share a couch at the West Village gastropub favorite, West 3rd Common.
Before Midnite Movie Poster

In our video review above, Danielle and Justine each bring an interesting perspective to this conversation about this perfect-for-summer and beyond film that you won’t want to miss.

Before Midnight is the third film of a cult-like romantic trilogy.  In case you missed the previous two, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, they are must-see viewing to truly appreciate this latest installment. All three have all been directed by Richard Linklater. Although he is credited with writing the first two, the writing this time, however, is also credited to the romantic leads Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, who each deliver outstanding performances here. Shot in Southern Greece in the coastal towns of Messinia and Kardamili, the scenery is gorgeous, breathtaking and ever so inviting.

Also included in this episode is our Video-On-Demand (VOD) Pick of the Week.  See why our correspondent, Mimi Spillane believes, “We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks” is essential viewing for us all in this current political and social climate.

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Dreamwork’s upcoming animated holiday feature, THE RISE OF THE GUARDIANS, is a ho-ho-whole lot of fun!

I had the good fortune to be invited to take a peek at this imaginative new holiday film in 3D (and, very good 3D, I might add, Dreamworks 3D… the cream of the crop). The Rise of the Guardians is going to be a delight for the little ones and a fun journey for those of us who are no longer crumb snatchers but still believe. And in this story, ya gotta believe! It is based on a the children’s book “Man in the Moon,” from the “The Guardians of Childhood”  series by author, William Joyce (he also shares a credit here for script writing).  The classic film, “The Magnificent Seven,” was also an inspiration for the film. Continue reading