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Video Film Review: THE BIG WEDDING offers small blessings

How many A-listers does it take to change a lightbulb in “The Big Wedding?”

Today’s panelists, Mimi Spillane and Trish Dominguez join forces with our host, Marie Juliette Steinsvold, to exchange views, not vows about the comedy, The Big Wedding at BBQ favorite, Harley’s Smokeshack in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.

With it’s all-star ensemble cast, the comedy, The Big Wedding, is a remake (surprise!) of a 2006 French film titled, “Mon frère se marie” (My Brother is Married). This adaptation is written and directed by Justin Zackham who also created the script for the film, “The Bucket List.” This is his directorial debut. In it, he features such headliners as Robert De Niro, Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton and Robin Williams.

Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace, Christine Ebersole and Ben Barnes round out the star-power in this high voltage of bewilderment. I might add that one of the biggest stars that deserves the most accolades is the beautiful estate in Stamford, Connecticut where this movie was filmed. Kudos to the location scout who discovered that gem.  Is this film a not-to-be-missed early summer must see? Check out our review above to get the lowdown.

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Video Film Review: WOMAN TO WOMAN

Woman to Woman film still

Woman to Woman is a little slice of sociology.

Our video film review finds today’s host, Marie Juliette Steinsvold, a French filmmaker and writer; and our panelist, Valerie Peterson, an author and writer; chatting it up at the iconic soul food restaurant, The Pink Teacup in Chelsea about the insightful online documentary, Woman to Woman.

Listen to this review online here.

Veronique Doumbe and Malika Franklin, are the mother and daughter team who come together to direct the online documentary, Woman to Woman. With their unique concept, they take the topic of raising teenage daughters in New York City to enlightening heights. Completely multicultural, we are introduced to a beautiful cast of eclectic New Yorkers who also happen to be mothers and daughters. They are outspoken and individualistic in their opinions and approaches to living and growing up in a city with much to offer and much to consider each and every day.

The evolution of conversation between the women and women-to-be provides a nice arc. Since there is little narrative, the razor sharp editing creates a strong and often funny dialogue. Shot in the spring and summer, New York City is visually stunning as a backdrop and becomes a character all of its own. This is an admirable film that is handmade to become a vehicle for great discussions and dialogue as well as a support resource on the subject matter. It also fosters the understanding that in spite all of our differences, our concerns for those we love and care for are one in the same.

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Film Review: THE IDES OF MARCH is an exquisite game of chess

Our host, Stefanie Alleyne, met up with panelists, Devorah Hill, a multimedia artist and educator; Marie Juliette, a filmmaker; and Cara Reedy, a writer and photographer; at Cafetasia, a delightfully affordable Thai restaurant in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Alphabet City in Manhattan, New York, to discuss the politically imbued film, The Ides of March.

Shot in Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky, the film is based on the play, “Farragut North,” by Beau Willimon.  The Ides of March exposes the internal workings of a political campaign and the desperate measures displayed by all in the game for the win. Directed by and starring George Clooney, the film’s cast includes Ryan Gosling, Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

More About our Fabulous Panel

A storyteller’s midwife, Devorah Hill, is a twenty year (plus), veteran, media activist and multimedia artist. She combines visual and performance art, written and spoken word with new media technology. Her work’s focus is on constructing a practical, community based, multimedia art and technology framework, designed to empower ordinary people to tell their stories which are used as building blocks for the implementation of social justice programs and initiatives for individual, group and community empowerment.

Her many works can viewed at the links below.
Writers Guild Review: Guild Members Learn Final Cut Pro in Our Digital Education Program
Womens eNews: “Hill Teaches Media Power to Arab and Muslim Girls”
The Sanctuarty for Independent Media Trojan HerStories w/ Devorah Hill & Victoria Kereszi 
Art Work. Devorah Hill (visual artist)

Cara Reedy is a Brooklyn-based writer and photographer who originally hails from the University City section of St. Louis, MO. She is currently assisting on an independent documentary called Sounding the Chord about University City’s rich musical culture.

Cara is also writing a blog about the strange celebrity that comes with being a Little Person. She holds a BA from Loyola University Chicago in Political Science and AAS from The Art Institute of Philadelphia in Photography.  In her free time she enjoys baking and discovering new restaurants.
Works by Cara can be viewed at the links below.

Born and raised in France, Marie-Juliette Steinsvold studied filmmaking at NYFA (New York Film Academy) where she wrote and directed four original 16 mm short films. She gained her knowledge of production work in Paris, where she worked on television talk shows and TV movies as an Assistant and then Second Assistant Director.

She moved permanently to New York City in 2003 where she worked on low budget independent films, as Assistant Director, Script Supervisor and Producer. Her first professional short film which she wrote, produced and directed, “And The World Goes Round,” (2008) was showcased in ten festivals in the USA and abroad. It was also acquired by two French TV networks. She most recently finished a feature screenplay, “Mrs. Seyerling,” the American adaptation of a French novel for which she is currently looking to create a co-production between France and the USA.

View Marie Juliette’s work at the link below.

Visit and view the website of the deliciously fun restaurant, Cafetasia, here.


To learn more about today’s film, The Ides of March, click here.  







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