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 The “Fitzgerald Family Christmas” is a holiday classic-in-the-making

In this video film review, today’s host, Shoshi meets up with this series’ creator, Denise Goins, at the Queen Victoria British Pub in the East Village in Manhattan to discuss this spectacular holiday-themed independent film.

Independent director and writer, Ed Burns gives us a fresh slice of Irish life in this holiday classic-in-the-making. Rich with a range of emotion, this is a universal story we all know too well and will recognize characters from our own family lives. Tons of fun, laughs and tears. This is one to see this holiday season.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Learn more about the film, Fitzgerald Family Christmas.
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Video Film Review: MIDDLE OF NOWHERE

Ava DuVernay’s film, MIDDLE OF NOWHERE finds light at the tunnel’s end

In this video review, our wonderful host,  Stefanie Alleyne, meets up with today’s panelist, Beryl Edgecombe, at the popular Hell’s Kitchen restaurant and bar, Traffic to discuss the award winning indie film, “Middle of Nowhere.”

Written and directed by Ava DuVernay and a winner at this year’s Sundance Film Festival’ for Best Director, a first for an African American female, “Middle of Nowhere,” bravely tackles a subject rarely seen on the cinematic screen. The concept for this film was conceived from her own personal observations. Being raised in Compton, California, Ava has stated that she witnessed first hand too many families whose lives reflect this narrative. Here she reveals a story that is all too familiar Continue reading