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Video Film Review: GIRL MOST LIKELY wants to succeed

Girl Most Likely would like to be on par to its cast.

Debra Kirschner, the episode’s host and the panelist, Patricia Koo, met up at the new location of the Wix Lounge, the free co-working and event space in New York City, to discuss the richly cast independent film, Girl Most Likely.

In this video review , filmmaker Debra Kirschner and photographer, Patricia Koo reveal their perspectives (sometimes agreeing and oft times not) on this film that you really want to see succeed.

Mimi Spilllane, our  correspondent for our “Video on Demand Pick of the Week” segment is also included in this episode and gives us insight as to why she feels the indie film, “Ginger and Rosa” is the one worth your viewing time of all of new releases currently available on demand. This is the first time our two highlighted films feature the same actress. And who might that be? None other than Annette Bening. Two heapings of her can never be wrong.

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Film Review: MOZART’S SISTER reflects the stifled life of a genius

Tiffani Coleman, an actress; Patricia Koo, an event photographer; and Ilene Rosen, a broadcast veteran, join our host, Stefanie Alleyne, to discuss this expressive film at Toad Hall Tavern in Soho, New York.

Filmed and produced in France, the film, Mozart’s Sister is directed by Rene Feret. Truly a family affair, his daughter, Marie Feret, is in the main role as Nannerl Mozart while another daughter, Lisa, is featured as Louise de France, one of the daughters of Louis XV, the King of France. The director is also featured in the film as a music professor and wrote this screenplay.

Mozart’s Sister presents a myopic view of the pubescent and mosaic life of Nannerl Mozart, an older sister of Wolfgang. She was considered at that time, to be a rare female prodigy. The film attempts to reflect the character of this young, frustrated woman’s right to express herself and hone her talents in an oppressing society.

More About Our Fabulous Panel

Tiffani Coleman is a  New York-based actor, originally from Dallas, TX.  After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology at The University of Texas at Austin, she  was admitted into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, where she acquired classic stage training in acting technique and character development.  She firmly believes that, there is, in fact, a difference between just saying lines and actually living moment to moment in the imaginary circumstance.

As she walks the path to becoming a working actor, she has done background work in the HBO series, “Treme” and other small independent feature films.  Her principal work can be seen via Vimeo on the webisode soap opera, “Choices,” created and directed by Olu Gittens for Oh Gee Productions.

Her near future shows her career in principle roles in major motion pictures and television dramatic series with continued appearances in independent features.  Her distant future adds into this work with the ownership of her first film production company, Hunnicut Road Pictures.

Patricia Koo is a born and raised New Yorker. Always passionate about art, she began her artistic career in NYC’s High School of Fashion Industries where she helped lobby and write grant requests in order to have a darkroom installed for her fellow students.

Although she enjoys dabbling in painting, sculpting, silk screening and clothing design, Patricia is best known for her photography work. Working as a portrait, journalism, and event photographer, she fell into the line of food photography and was published in 2010 in the recipe book, “365 Eats,” by New York chef, Yvan Lamoine, and on renowned chef, Cyril Renaud’s, “Bar Breton,” restaurant website. She now does freelance work and is the Creative Director and Photographer for iFoodstudios. Her work can be viewed at the two links below.


Ilene Rosen is a native Brooklynite. She is a James Madison High
School alumnae; and a graduate of Bard College with a degree in
American Studies.  After graduation, she worked in magazine
publishing, before landing an assistant job with Channel 5, then
known as Metro Media.
She likes to describe herself as a refugee from broadcast TV.
When she started in the business, there were four-man film crews,
and scripts were written on typewriters loaded with carbon paper.
By the time she accepted a buy-out from WABC-TV two years ago, she had became familiar with
on-line production, digital editing, blogging, and the corporate consolidation of the media business.
Ilene believes her world view has been shaped by the multiple assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther
King, Jr., Robert Kennedy, and Malcolm X; the civil rights movement, the women’s rights movement,
the wars in Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan; the AIDS crisis; and the most recent collapse of
our economic system.

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