Video Film Review: GIRL MOST LIKELY wants to succeed

Girl Most Likely would like to be on par to its cast.

Debra Kirschner, the episode’s host and the panelist, Patricia Koo, met up at the new location of the Wix Lounge, the free co-working and event space in New York City, to discuss the richly cast independent film, Girl Most Likely.

In this video review , filmmaker Debra Kirschner and photographer, Patricia Koo reveal their perspectives (sometimes agreeing and oft times not) on this film that you really want to see succeed.

Mimi Spilllane, our ¬†correspondent for our “Video on Demand Pick of the Week” segment is also included in this episode and gives us insight as to why she feels the indie film, “Ginger and Rosa” is the one worth your viewing time of all of new releases currently available on demand. This is the first time our two highlighted films feature the same actress. And who might that be? None other than Annette Bening. Two heapings of her can never be wrong.

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