Film Review: A SEPARATION connects us with its gripping authenticity

Our host, Stefanie Alleyne chats it up with today’s panelist, Yahaira Pulino, at the Bedford-
Stuyvesant urban country cafe, Peaches Hothouse, to review and discuss the amazing film, “A

A classic tale of cause and effect, it’s easy to understand why the Iranian film, “A Separation” has had endless major accolades globally (46 wins and 20 nominations) bestowed upon it in the past year. And, as this year’s Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Film, this masterpiece’s dexterity to mesmerize forges on. Flawlessly written and directed by Asghar Farhadi, the film succeeds on every level. Suspenseful. Gripping. All of the performances here are so seamless that you will wonder if you are observing real life instead of fiction.

Set in modern day Iran, “A Separation” allows us to observe one family as they deal with a myriad of everyday issues and life cycles we all know too well. Add the intense presence of religion to the mix and you are hooked in no time at all. This ubiquitous story is handled with such natural candor and eloquence that it’s easy to comprehend no matter who we are or what are our beliefs or politics, our issues and desires are all universally the same.

More About our Fabulous Panel

Yahaira Paulino was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City. She is an actor and a filmmaker. She studied at Harlem School of The Arts, Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, and at the Sande Shurin Studios. She is a graduate of Chica Luna Productions’ 1st Cycle of the F-Word: Film/Video Media Justice Lab. A SUNY Purchase College graduate in Political Science and International Relations, she devotes her off time to teaching film and theater to inner city youths. “We must all put in the work, plant the seeds and help cultivate tomorrows leaders and artist…its a social responsibility.”

Yahaira Paulino’s artistic credits are eclectic. From producing, writing, performing both in film and stage, she’s building an impressive body of work and taking her career by the horns. WELCOME HOME (Bienvenida A Casa) her latest short film is in post-production right now. She’s a producer and creator of IN THE CLOSET SERIES, a web series. Now working on the third season, check it out at:

Her writing and directing credits are as follows; WELCOME HOME (Bienvenida A Casa), PAYASA (Clown), EXERCISE MACHINE, PRIMAVERA (Spring), THE DIARY OF SARA SMITH, and the 2006 New York International Latino Film Festival’s Dominican Night selection, RECUERDOS (MEMORIES).  Her writing credits continue with POR AMOR (For Love), the upcoming HONEYMOON and BUSINESS MAN for the In The Closet Series. As an actor she has performed in films such as, WELCOME HOME (Sara), POR AMOR (Maria), EXERCISE MACHINE (Jen), and OUTSIDE THE WALL (Torta). Her television credits are part of her gig as host for the Chica Luna Productions and MNN cable show WHAT ABOUT…? SHOW. On stage she performed at the Nuyorican Poets Café in Chica Luna Productions & Latino Flavored Productions produced JOSE CAN SPEAK (Pito), amongst others. Her Stage and theater adaptations and directing consist of Ellen Hopkins poetic Novel IMPULSE, Lewis Carroll’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND, and a compilation of several of Shakespeare’s plays called LOVESPELL: THE MUSICAL to name a few.

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