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Film Review: THE SKIN I LIVE IN is a modern twist on Frankenstein

Today’s panelists, Meighan Gale, an artist;  Dash Harris, blogger and documentary filmmaker; and Pamela Moriarty, a filmmaker, joined forces with our host, Stefanie Alleyne, in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn at the colorful restaurant, “Chez Lola,” to discuss and review the complex thriller, The Skin I Live In.

Considered by many to be a psychological thriller, the film, The Skin I Live In, is loosely based on Roman Mythology and the book by French author, Theirry Jonquet, titled “Mygale,” which translates in English to “Tarantula.”  Directed by Spanish favorite, Pedro Almovodar, who also wrote the screenplay, its Spanish cast includes the stars Antonio Banderas,  Elena Anaya, and Marisa Paredes.  This is the first collaboration in over 20 years for Banderas and Almovodar.  Additionally, popular Spanish songtress and international musical artist, Concha Buika, performs the two songs, “Se Me Hizo Facil” and “Por El Amor de Amar.” It was shot in Spain on locations in and around the cities of Toledo and Madrid.  Almovodar has described this film as “a horror story without screams or frights.”

More About our Fabulous Panel

Meighan Gale is a Brooklyn-based artist with an MFA from Hunter College. She has been included in many group and solo exhibits in the New York area including the Governor’s Island Art Fair, the Black and White Gallery, the Alternative Museum, among others. She has also shown regionally at the Tang Museum at Skidmore College, the Faulconer Gallery at Grinnell College, the University Art Museum at SUNY/Albany, and the gallery at the Maine College of Art. She is currently preparing for a solo show in March 2012 at the new 490 Atlantic Avenue Gallery in Brooklyn.  You can view Meighan’s works at www.meighangale.com

Dash Harris is of Panamanian descent and is a fierce and fearless woman of the world…hear her roar!! A current digital journalist and New York city dweller, she speaks her mind and lives free. She is the creator of VenusGenus.com, a site for the everyday phenomenal woman, as well as an avid blogger, and tumblr-er. Check her reality blog at Dash of Reality and her travel musings, In A Dash Travel. Get delighted with her online jewelry store, Dash Delites, and get educated through her web-docu series, Negro.  For your daily dose of Dash, follow her on twitter:@InADash

Pamela Moriarty was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Television was a permanent fixture for a latchkey like her.  She would always get up early and watch the early morning cartoons. She wanted to be a superhero in a cartoon series, saving people and stopping other kids from getting in trouble. In school, she loved the stage, putting on plays and dance shows at school fairs.  Her mother tried to encourage her to choose different ways of entertaining herself. Perhaps she didn’t see acting as practical, but that didn’t stop Pamela. Her time in the house was mostly spent watching their extensive VHS collection.

Upon graduating from high school, her father gave her two options: she could either stay in Bangkok and attend a local university, or she could move to New York.  The choice was easy; she really needed a change. in 1995 she moved to NYC to study Visual and Performing arts, and not long after that, she was introduced to the art of film making. She graduated from CUNY, City College of New York, with a BA in Film Production. Her thesis film, “DOTED” received a “Showcase in Experimental” citation in the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival in 2005. Since that time, she has been working on short films as a DP and as an Assistant Director. She is now writing her own scripts for feature films. A list of her filmography works can be viewed here.

To learn more about the very cool and vibrant restaurant, Chez Lola’s, click here.


To learn more about today’s film, The Skin I Live In, click here.




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